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Wadala is being redefined courtesy the Wadala projects that are not just towering high rise structures but lavish residential properties bringing to you some of the most modern and well facilitated homes. One can easily find a Wadala new project that would have a desired type of home, whether it is a 1 BHK or 2.5 BHK homes, 2 BHK apartments or duplexes. From penthouses to conventional 3 bedroom residences, Wadala new projects offer every type in varying ranges in terms of size and also from the perspectives of interiors, exteriors and the kind of facilities one wishes to enjoy onsite. There are easily more than 20 major Wadala new projects that are certainly in the league of the finest that Mumbai has to offer.

Homebuyers and investors typically have predetermined sets of preferences as to which type of Wadala new projects would be ideal. Any Wadala new project can be classified into various subcategories. The classifications are New Residential Projects In Wadala, upcoming projects in Wadala, pre launch projects in Wadala, under construction projects in Wadala, ongoing projects in Wadala and ready possession projects in Wadala. This categorization is usually done taking into account the timeframe of completion, progress of work and the current status of every Wadala project.


Lodha New Cuffe Parade, Wadala, Mumbai By Lodha Group

Click picture to view details for Lodha New Cuffe Parade Wadala By Lodha Group.


Click picture to view details for I-Land Zeon, Wadala, Bhakti Park By The Ajmera Group.

Ajmera Treon, Wadala, Mumbai By Ajmera Group

Click picture to view details for Ajmera Treon, Wadala, Mumbai By Ajmera Group.

Dosti Ambrosia, Wadala, Mumbai By Dosti Group

Click picture to view details for Dosti Ambrosia, Wadala, Mumbai By Dosti Group.


Click picture to view details for Sanghvi Heights Wadala In Mumbai By Sanghvi Group.


Click picture to view details for I-Land Aeon, Wadala, Bhakti Park By The Ajmera Group.

The new projects in Wadala would normally refer to the entire plethora developments and include every category. The upcoming projects in Wadala would be the ones that have just been launched and have a scheduled timeline of completion, usually about two to five years from present day as the case may be depending on the size of the Wadala new project and the work progress capacity of the developer. The pre launch projects in Wadala would be referred to as those that are yet to be launched. The plans of such Wadala projects are usually approved by the regulatory bodies and the developers are at the brink of starting extensive developments of the lot of land. The under construction projects in Wadala would be those that are neither at pre launch nor upcoming. They would be typically in the beginning stages of construction but a significant majority of the development is still pending or about to be accomplished. The ongoing projects in Wadala can be referred to as those which are nearing completion. These new projects in Wadala would have several portions of the project developed already and can be anywhere around a few months to a year or two from the date of possession or handover. Ready possession projects in Wadala should ideally indicate those that are ready to be handed over but in reality, any Wadala projects that is about a few weeks from possession or has been already completed a few weeks to a few months before would be classified in this category.

Families or investors that invest in Wadala projects need to look at these factors while checking out any new project in Wadala. While it is normal for anyone to have a certain preference, it is ideal to check out various other factorials and influencers to gage the best possible investment option.For instance, Wadala project appreciation would be integral to any decision making. At times, Wadala projects that have been launched get appreciated better than those that are in pre launch or under construction stages where as in many cases upcoming projects in Wadala or those that are under construction may have better Wadala project appreciation than the already launched or the ones ready for possession.

When you do know why to invest in Wadala is a sorted dilemma, choosing the ideal property in terms of its present status and Wadala project appreciation should be two determining and quintessential influencers.

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